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Insurance Sales & Distribution Chain Management

Using the most advanced technologies, FLEXTERA Insurance equip its Customers with necessary tools to support all modern distribution models and ensure a customized approach to every customer segment and successful reach to new customers. With the support of all modern delivery channels, enhanced agent and broker commission processing, and better partner integration, FLEXTERA Insurance provides unlimited opportunities for discovering new business models and ensuring higher service quality.

The business process driven architecture of FLEXTERA Insurance solutions allows Insurance companies to quickly adjust and expand distribution strategies in terms of shifting demographics and buying patterns. Supporting 360-Degree Customer View and enhanced CRM opportunities, FLEXTERA Insurance enables high-level cross-sell and up-sell support, ensures individual approach to every client, and guarantees the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Direct Insurance — Since the Internet usage has been constantly increasing, opening more convenient channels for the interaction with customers and setting new standards of the service delivery, the Direct Insurance has become one of the most important strategies of the insurance business. This emerging strategy allows an Insurance company to significantly raise its operational efficiency, expand its market presence and at the same time reduce its agent networks.

With the enhanced self-service opportunities, the customer can easily receive the policy quotes, apply for a policy, pay the service, and initiate the claim in the case of the insured event, with all these steps taken through a customizable client self-service portal when it is convenient for a client. This is the beginning of truly global expansion and the new standard of customer service. 

Bancassurance — Another emerging insurance sales channel is Bancassurance. With FLEXTERA Bancassurance an Insurer fully automates its business processes associated with selling insurance policies via partner bank offices. The whole process of sales and further policy management and accounting is fully automated and seamlessly integrated into the process of loan origination and management. The data exchange is streamlined and allows avoiding data replication and implementing online exchange of data on policy sales and changes in insurance rates, product range, or services. Both the bank and the Insurer achieve higher customer satisfaction and loyalty due to the enhanced quality of their services and the ability to predict customer needs.

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