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Powerful BI and reporting tools implemented in the FLEXTERA Reporting modules allow financial companies to fulfill their mandatory filing to regulatory authorities and generate sophisticated management reports to analyze the performance of their products, branches and staff.

FLEXTERA Analytical Center — The module ensures automated collection of data from all accounting systems, generates required reports and tax returns, and tracks their filing to regulatory authorities.

FLEXTERA MIS Reporting — The module supports processes and instruments for generating management reports in accordance with the Customer internal requirements. The solution performs efficient multi-sided evaluations of the Insurer’s sources of income — by its divisions, products and clients, ensuring effective management of the company assets and liabilities and streamlining collaboration of all the parties involved.

FLEXTERA IFRS Reporting — The module allows generating financial reports in compliance with international financial reporting standards, including both detailed reporting for an individual financial institution and consolidated reporting for a group of companies.

FLEXTERA Tax Reporting — The module automates generation of statutory tax reports in strict compliance with national regulatory requirements. The functional scope of FLEXTERA Tax Reporting allows a financial organization to use a single reporting format for all its branches and divisions in compliance with the applicable tax legislation. Every return is generated in several stages, with interim results being saved in tables of interim financial ratios. This allows the operator to control and adjust the calculation procedure at any stage. All the reports can be adjusted for the in-house usage.

FLEXTERA Statistical Reporting —  The Module generates reports for the national statistical bodies.