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Claims Management

Taking into account that claims management is one of the major indicators of the quality of services of any Insurance company and a guarantee of its sucessful business development, Diasoft offers a suite of modern tools for the most efficient support of this business area.

FLEXTERA Insurance enables fully automatied, front-to-back STP claims processing with the support for rule-based claims handling and evaluation of fraud risks. The solution enables claims initiation via various channels, including self-service portals, and consolidates all internal and external activities within a distributed network of branches, agents, claims centers, and partners and provides a comprehensive end-to-end mechanism for streamlined claims management and improved speed, cost and customer satisfaction levels.

See also:

  • FLEXTERA Insurance Front Office — The solution is responsible for Multi-channel Front Office operations and customer relations management for ubiquitous client servicing and efficient management of a distribution chain. The solution allows streamlining the company operations through the support of Direct Insurance business allowing Insurers to sell prepackaged insurance products through the customizable client self-service portals.
  • FLEXTERA Insurance Middle Office — The solution offers a set of components for Middle Office risk management, fraud monitoring and decision making functions.
  • FLEXTERA Insurance Back Office — The solution provides tools for Core Back Office operations including daily transactions processing; product origination and management; policy management; and unique tools for monitoring product performance.
  • FLEXTERA Insurance Accounting — The solution offers modern tools for Tax accounting and General Ledger support. Logical separation of product accounting and financial accounting allows FLEXTERA Customers to flexibly adjust to the changing regulations and to easily expand their business to new geographies.
  • FLEXTERA Insurance BI — The solution delivers a set of comprehensive BI and reporting tools for managerial and financial reporting, with the unified access to all analytical instruments via a single window.