Diasoft Featured in Forrester Global Banking Platform Deals Survey 2019

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Diasoft, a global provider of cutting-edge software solutions for the financial services industry, was rated in Forrester’s report "Don’t Select Banking Software Without Understanding the State of the Banking Platform Market" based on the Global Banking Platform Deals Survey 2019. The company is included into the list of the TOP 10 market leaders by the number of total deals concluded in 2018.

To participate in the survey, global vendors of banking solutions had to submit to Forrester their new-name customers and deals that extended business with existing customers during 2018. Based on these data, the report analyzed which of the vendors were able to defend and enhance their market footprint and which functional areas banks were most interested in.

Diasoft is proud to participate in this survey and prove once again its solid position in the financial technology market. Diasoft’s solutions are built in compliance with modern architectural and technological principles and cover both modern customer-facing digital banking functions and traditional core banking capabilities. This approach allows Diasoft’s customers to choose Diasoft products either for front-to-back support of their business or to cover only specific business tasks, such as digital transformation of business and improvement of customer experience through digitalization of daily banking or support of new regulatory standards, like IFRS 9.

Here you find more information on the report.