Diasoft’s Microservice Solution Helps SMP Bank to Integrate with Financial Services Marketplaces

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

The new Diasoft solution based on the microservices architecture allowed SMP Bank to integrate with external systems and improve its customer services. Currently, the microservice solution is used to ensure the Bank’s interaction with the marketplace Russian Integrated Banking Center that focuses on issuing bank guarantees for government contract bidders.
SMP Bank, one of the TOP30 Russian banks, chose Diasoft’s microservice solution due to its easy implementation and the ability to use this tool for integration with an unlimited number of external systems and to flexibly modify the solution for support of new business tasks.
“Microservices are getting popular for a good reason. It is very practical to implement a single solution and provide your bank with a convenient tool for automatic interaction with any external systems”, said Andrey Burilov, Head of the IT Department at SMP Bank.
The solution is integrated with Diasoft FA# Beans used by SMP Bank, but it is compatible with any other IT system.
The process for issuing of bank guarantees for SMP Bank via the marketplace comprises the following steps: a bank employee receives encrypted customer details and confirms the issue of a bank guarantee via the personal area at the marketplace. The marketplace generates an XML file and adds it to a specific directory that can be accessed by the bank. At the same time, Diasoft solution starts analyzing the XML file in the real-time mode, verifies if the customer exists in the customer database and, if necessary, creates a new object and adds information on the customer’s chief executive officers and beneficiaries to the customer details. After this, the employee who is responsible for issue of bank guarantees, receives a customer information file created in Diasoft FA# Beans and a guarantee file.
In the future, SMP Bank will be able to use the new solution to add new microservices and integrate with other financial services marketplaces and public systems.