Diasoft Sensor Supported Daily Reporting Routing at MC Bank Rus

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

MS Bank Rus uses the Diasoft solution to ensure timely and high-quality preparation of the bank's daily consolidated report.

Presentation of the daily morning consolidated report on results of the previous day to the chairman of the board of directors of MS Bank Rus is a strictly regulated daily routine of the bank. Generation of this report involves a large number of tasks subdivided into stages. The whole process starts at 12:00 at night and ends by 10:00 in the morning. The main sensible spot of the process is that if at least one stage of the process is late, tasks of other stages will be performed incorrectly due to the domino effect.

To ensure timely preparation of the report with involvement of the minimum amount of resources, Diasoft made improvements to the Diasoft Sensor solution, which has been used by the bank for more than 2 years. The improvements support collection and presentment of data on duration and statuses of each of 20 large-scale stages and more than 300 subordinate stages of the report.

In case of deviations from the pre-set parameters, Diasoft Sensor sends respective alerts to responsible persons. The solution aggregates and stores data (to maintain the history and to enable further analysis of data) on the start and end time of stages, their actual duration, execution status and other metrics. If the bank needs to add new stages to the business process, its employees can see available time slots for these stages.

With Diasoft Sensor, the bank employees can see the report generation status, which includes full information on executed stages and possible failures and deviations, in the online mode, while the bank can now analyze and streamline the whole business process.

Currently, MC Bank Rus uses the full functional range of Diasoft Sensor, which covers the following tasks:

  • Monitoring of the IT landscape
  • Control of availability of Diasoft FA# and FLEXTERA
  • Notification on system errors
  • Control of established time limits of operations.


MC Bank Rus: is a subsidiary of the Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) established in 1994. Initially, the mission of the Bank was to finance businesses, provide loans to companies of the automobile industry, and support foreign currency cash transactions. In April 2014, the Bank started providing personal loans for purchase of Mitsubishi vehicles under the Mitsubishi Motors Finance program at all official Mitsubishi dealers.

About Diasoft: Since 1991 Diasoft has been providing cutting-edge financial software solutions supporting all aspects of retail, wholesale and universal banking, financial market services, and insurance business. The company’s main offering to the financial market is FLEXTERA — a SOA-based universal system comprising a comprehensive suite of modules for front-to-back automation of modern financial services.

The FLEXTERA’s functional scope covers the following areas of financial business:

·         Back Office and Core Insurance/Banking operations including daily banking transactions processing; product and service management; BI, accounting and reporting;

·         Multichannel Front Office operations and client management;

·         Middle Office risk management and decision making.

The modern technological principles lying at the core of all FLEXTERA solutions in combination with their broadest functionality provide our customers with limitless opportunities for their business development in accord with market trends and clients’ requirements.