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Treasury and Capital Markets

One of the major factors of the successful business is the ability to efficiently manage the company’s funds flows ensuring timely funding of new business initiatives and effective investments of the liquidity.

Diasoft’s suite of products for financial markets offers to its Customers broad opportunities to support their activity at the financial market including operations with:

  • FOREX,  
  • Money Market Deals,        
  • Equities,           
  • Fixed Income,  
  • Futures,           
  • Investment Portfolio Management,              
  • Promissory Notes,      
  • Exchange Traded Derivatives,          
  • OTC Derivatives,        
  • Custody,           
  • Asset Management. 

FLEXTERA’s comprehensive financial tools together with BI, reporting, and risk management inventory help financial institutions organize better control over their customer’s funds flow, safely raise long-term funds and perform efficient investment and liquidity management operations.