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Corporate Banking

The main goal of the corporate banking is to provide timely and secure financial services capable to support sophisticated strategies and corporate financial needs of the medium to large businesses, governments, or other big institutions.

The huge difference in customer profiles and business strategies significantly raises requirements to the flexibility of banking software solutions and their capacity to support complex financing methods and risk management tools.
Due to its comprehensive wholesale banking functions and inherent customization flexibility, FLEXTERA can be perfectly tailored to support the most exquisite corporate banking products and services in such areas as:

  • Asset and Cash Flow Management,
  • Investments,
  • Securities and Equities Managements,
  • FOREX,
  • Loan Operations,
  • Mutual Funds Management,
  • Deposits and Liquidity Management,
  • Risk Management,
  • Cash Management,
  • Payments and Trade.

The highest flexibility of FLEXTERA allows for flexible customization of banking products. It does not involve any hard coding to launch a new mass product or change the characteristics of the existing offer to suit individual business requirements.
To ensure the bank’s competitive positions in the world of information and mobility we offer a broad range of modern delivery channels, including SMS and online banking which provide an effective tool of the remote real time control of the company’s accounts and funds flow.

The solution comprises a comprehensive suite of risk management tools, flexibly configurable accounting and reporting inventory, and modern instruments for unified customer information management.
The in-built integration opportunities based on the advanced SOA principles make our solutions a perfect platform for M&A support. Mergers and acquisitions always bring new technological challenges to financial institutions and it is the bank’s most vital task to turn these challenges into advantages and avoid service deterioration. Diasoft is happy to facilitate the transition process with FLEXTERA ensuring smooth consolidation of all services, products and databases as well as accounting and BI tools without negative impact on the business operations. Besides, the solution opens new technological and business opportunities for the further dynamic development of a larger company.