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Bringing the Value of Modern Technologies to Support Dynamic Emerging Markets

With its 20-year experience at emerging markets, Diasoft deeply understands the specific needs and requirements of the financial institutions operating in terms of rapidly evolving economic environment, dynamic business growth, and changing regulations.
Diasoft recognizes the high development potential of the emerging economies and brings to its customers its 20-year expertise in combination with the most advanced technologies to help them fully unveil the values of this potential. Using Diasoft’s FLEXTERA solutions, a financial institution acquires a unique development tool capable to fully meet both the today’s requirements and the long-term strategic challenges of the growing business. Among the benefits which FLEXTERA offers to our customers to fully respond to the emerging market specifics there are:

  • Reduced TCO due to high ROI, the solution’s business value, and convenient licensing policy,
  • Broad functionality allowing the Customer to use a single solution to cover all its business needs,
  • Reliability and scalability to ensure the future extensive business development,
  • Flexibility to support the changing market environment and regulations,
  • Quick time-to-market for new products and services due to the in-build product factory and flexible workflow based on SOA principles,
  • Quick implementation, smooth migration and flexible integration processes due to strong project management standards and FLEXTERA’s agile technologies,
  • Easy integration with other banking applications and third parties’ systems due to the SOA approach,
  • Support of all the modern delivery tools to both enhance the services and reach the unbanked customers.